What To Expect


On your first visit with Dr. Howe:

  • You will fill out forms with your basic demographic information, as well as your health background. Please note: You can find these forms under "New Patient Forms", print and complete, and save some time in the office. 
  • After you have been taken back for your appointment, you will have a conversation (consultation) with the doctor regarding your health and reason for visit. 
  • He will then complete a thorough health history, perform a chiropractic examination, and take X-rays, if deemed necessary, to provide the highest quality care possible and do so in a safe manner.

On your second visit to Northville Chiropractic:

  • The doctor will share his findings from your health history, chiropractic examination, and X-rays, if taken.
  • He will then discuss with you health goals for you and your family, and recommend a plan of care specific to your individual situation. 
  • Lastly, if needed, you will receive your first chiropractic adjustment from Dr. Howe.